What Is Revit?

revit drawing

Revit is a type of architectural software that is changing the entire building and design business. It is changing the way plans are transformed from one person’s vision to being a reality for everyone involved in the project.

Revit brings a project to life before it is literally brought to life. With the use of innovative detail and even scale objects, Revit gives a genuine and very life-like view of the finished project. The scale items related to the design and construction give the developer, contractor, and investors the ability to judge more than where a wall may be.

It allows the viewer to get a genuine feel for the rooms space and ability to serve the purpose it is being designed to serve. The accuracy is impeccable and can allow you a real walk-through viewpoint. The ability to see and virtually feel the project as a whole, instead of a room-by-room plan that you can’t easily visualize, means this software gives you a real feel for the flow. This can give builders and designers a true insight to every little element, helping to pull it all together.

The work sharing capabilities mean everyone involved can collaborate on changes or even share concerns instantly. The changes can be coordinated and adapted back and forth in a real timely manner, that means everyone on every level is kept in the loop.
Using Revit is like picking the brain of a designer or architect. It is insightful technology that is unmatched. Once we show you how we use Revit for your projects, you will never want to venture into a construction project without it.

Posted on: May 19, 2014