We are a commercial general contractor with a great reputation that allows us to streamline the building process in Rochester NY and surrounding areas.

Start a construction project with LeFrois

LeFrois partners with you and the community to plan, design & build highly functional construction projects on time and within budget. Our Design/Build process matches your expectation with what you’re actually buying. We maintain a larger in-house workforce than other builders our size to ensure time-restricted projects stay on schedule and within budget.


Feeling overwhelmed by all the planning your construction project will require? Independent of outside general contractors, we can estimate reliable cost, schedule & logistical data for early feasibility studies prior to forming a project team. We also take responsibility by verifying information provided by outside consultants & contractors. LeFrois puts you at ease with our organized planning procedures. During design, we prepare the most detailed design criteria to ensure coordination with bidding procedures & trade jurisdictions. We also monitor their work for compliance with the project schedule.


Concerned about financing your project? We’ve established long-term relationships with many of the world’s leading financial institutions. As a result, we often arrange financing directly with lenders and avoid costs of intermediaries. Relying on our reputation helps lenders view your project more favorably because it’s being managed by a strong and experienced development organization. Here’s how we help:

  • Assess capital markets
  • Identify alternate sources & structures of construction & permanent financing
  • Conduct financial negotiations on your behalf

Our team is skilled in all aspects of:

  • Civil & Structural Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Space Planning
  • Interior Design
  • Earthmoving
  • Utilities & Pipe Work
  • Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Rough & Finish Carpentry
  • Steel Erection (Certified Butler Builder)
  • Drywall

Commercial General Contractor

commercial general contractors rochester nyHiring multiple construction contractors can cause discord and slow the progress of your project. However, as a general contractor, we maintain a larger in-house workforce than other builders our size to ensure that even the most time-restricted projects stay on schedule and within budget.

Maintaining budget & schedule

You expect to have projects stay on time and within budget; thus, we maintain a larger in-house workforce than other builders our size. We make sure our subcontractors meet our high standards of performance and share our company’s commitment to quality. The longstanding relationships that LeFrois maintains with employees, subcontractors, suppliers, and government officials have made a real difference in providing cost certainty for our customers. LeFrois believes people and their ideas are the most important aspects of business. Solidify your schedule & budget expectations when we’re completely in control. We maintain a larger in-house workforce than other builders our size. More control allows us to ensure project finishes on schedule & within budget. Avoids confusion & disagreements between multiple contractors.

Our Responsibilities

As General Contractor, we analyze the project plans with all participants. We also arrange for permits and necessary inspections to ensure that everything is in place before work begins. Once construction begins, LeFrois is on-site regularly to facilitate all day-to-day tasks, inspect progress, and resolve issues. This way, we are fully knowledgeable to address all your questions and concerns. Lastly, we’ll walkthrough the completed project with you to make certain that everything you were expecting has been accomplished and that you are fully satisfied with your building.

Design / Build

From start to finish, LeFrois’ Design/Build capabilities provide control & unity over the quality, completion time & cost of your project. Our designers tailor to our builders’ capabilities for sharper schedule & cost estimates. We reach a more unified completion because all workers are on the same team. We create 3D renderings to help you better understand what you’re buying.

Issues with Hard Bid

Hard Bid jobs can lead to costly change orders if a project lacks a thorough set of drawings. This can happen when a designer doesn’t correctly reflect the occurrence of field conditions. Hard Bid jobs can also lead to complications between electricians, plumbers, and HVAC workers who are all on a different teams. As a result, the building you’re expecting may not match the outcome.

Benefits of Design/Build

Want to avoid the potential issues caused by Hard Bid? Choosing Design/Build with LeFrois enables everyone involved to understand the entirety of your project – from initiation to completion, and through move-in date. When we have total responsibility, we’re able to provide firm control over quality, completion dates, & costs.

Construction Management

Eliminate stress and unplanned costs when unexpected issues arise with a progressive contract. With multiple large projects, our construction management capabilities allow all parties to view the progression of cost. This benefits multiple parties and large-scale projects ranging from $10M & up. We are one of the most experienced construction companies in the Rochester NY and Florida area.

Have a large project riddled with uncertainties? As one of the premiere commercial general contractors in Rochester NY, our construction management services allow us to start construction before signing a contract. This allows everyone involved to view costs gradually as the building develops.

Progressive Contract Benefits

Large projects involving multiple parties can lead to many different expectations. Disagreements can bring costly change orders. When you choose construction management with LeFrois, it allows us to start working on your extensive project without a contract. By holding off on completing a contract until the final stage of a project, everyone is able to add to the expenses on an as-needed basis. There are massive amounts of moving parts that go into a massive building. Construction management eliminates stress & problems when something unexpected pops up since a rigid contract wasn’t established. Unexpected needs can be handled much easier when a contract develops along with the project.


When we’re in charge of Construction Management we have more capability to develop accurate and detailed construction budgets and schedules. Prior to construction, we obtain all required occupancy permits. We formulate purchasing strategies and direct all bidding and negotiation activities. We then review and approve all contractors’ submissions and establish procedures for administration of the project, including the approval of construction expenditures. When the construction begins, we inspect the work site on a daily basis to monitor progress and ensure the project will be completed on time and within budget. Towards the end of the project, we make sure to complete all punch list items and close out all subcontracts.

Green Building

Industrial Construction Contractors Company

LeFrois constructs energy-efficient buildings for a greener community. We are an active member of the U.S. Green Building Council and have LEED AP professionals on staff for LEED certification projects. We have experience with both national & state green building programs.

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Construction Technology

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With LeFrois, you can streamline the surveying & excavating process with precision. We are among the 1st companies in Upstate NY to start utilizing GPS technology. Our fleet of advanced earth-moving equipment is capable of running off GPS. Our machines can grade & move dirt within a ¼” tolerance, without numerous grade stakes.

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Construction Safety

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LeFrois is committed to the safety of our builders, site visitors & surroundings – making every effort to eliminate the possibility of injury. We provide training programs, location-specific safety plans & routine safety inspections, and continuously refine safety procedures as industries change. LeFrois consults you & the community to best implement our safety procedures.

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