Advantages of Mixed-Use Buildings

mixed-use buildings

The early 2000’s saw hundreds of mixed-use buildings erected across the country, as builders and developers sought to find new ways to blend urban style living with walkable communities. Mixed-use buildings are a combination of residential and non-residential buildings, ranging from a single building to an entire neighborhood. When done right, mixed-use developments promote improvements […]

Mixed-Use Development Is Revitalizing Rochester

mixed-use development

As Downtown Rochester continues it’s revitalization, many new mixed-use redevelopment projects have been completed in the area. Russell P. LeFrois Builders have been very proud to be a part of many of these projects, as we continue to position ourselves as the leading mixed-use general contractor in Rochester. It’s an exciting time for the entire Rochester […]

I-Square Time Lapse Video

Check out the progress LeFrois is making at I-Square!