“What Construction Process Should I Choose?”: Hard Bid Versus Design/Build

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When you’re determining which route to take to construct your building, you may wonder if it’s better to go with a Hard Bid set of plans or to contract a company that will design and build your project. While either option can lead to a successful completion of your building, Lefrois Builders & Developers finds […]

What is BIM (Building Information Modeling)?

Thanks to modern technology and innovations in design and architecture, there are ways for all parties involved in a project to see exactly what will be brought to life. That technology is Building Information Modeling, or BIM. BIM allows for an exact 3 dimensional model to be displayed and shared. It is changing the entire […]

The Difficulties of Not Being Able to Visualize Your Building Before Construction

When you know exactly what you want in a building, but can’t fully express that vision clearly, it can be extremely difficult to feel confident in the building process. If you or the team you have secured to bring that vision to life can’t see the same thing, it can mean the finished product may […]

GPS Construction Technology Changes Construction Industry

The time and energy spent surveying, estimating, and relying on old technologies can really add up. Whenever inefficient methods are used and machinery is being utilized more than it needs to be, the costs go up and days are lost. LeFrois Builders and Developers uses innovative technologies and methods that make cost-loss and digging mistakes […]