Sustainable Development

sustainableThe LeFrois philosophy is that truly outstanding Design/Build goes hand in hand with sustainable development. Our organization is committed to providing customers the most energy-efficient building possible and we can readily assist our clients with “green” construction. LeFrois Builders has experience with both national and state programs created for green building and we are an active member of the United States Green Building Council, as well as have LEED AP professionals on staff to assist in any LEED certification projects. We believe that sustainable construction goes far beyond environmental stewardship; having many long-term health and economic benefits as well. LeFrois strives to use energy – efficient and environmentally friendly materials in all of our designs.
Looking at the whole building concept in a holistic way from site selection, to building orientation, to thermal envelop- we understand that buildings have to be designed as complete systems and although specific detail must be paid to each component of the project each component must also be fully in tune with the whole building system.
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